Outils de Développement

Star has produced a dedicated modular SDK (Software Developers Kit) with a wide range of tools available, allowing the system designer to take advantage of all the TSP100’s software and hardware features e.g auto text reversal for vertical / wall mounted use. This feature can literally be dragged and dropped into the developer’s software. Star also offers simple integration of its POS printing solutions with mobile devices with dedicated Apple iOS and Android SDKs. PRE-INSTALLATION SET-UP TOOL – with easy driver installation for all major platforms with CD-ROM supplied or using the Star designed architecture for fast modifications when needed. Custom filters / features can be easily written by the Integrator or OEM or in conjunction with our UK software engineers. The unique Printer Serial Number Identifier will also be ideal for remote polling for hardware audits, warranty / servicing issues etc. “DRAG & DROP” SOFTWARE FEATURE TOOL with Active X Components enabling Star Printer Feature Inclusion into OEM Software.

Demander à un expert Star

L’expertise technique de Star est reconnue. Nos imprimantes ultramodernes sont conçues et fabriquées de A à Z, y compris les éléments de châssis les plus simples, et nous développons nos logiciels du premier au dernier « bit ». Notre équipe technique couvre l’Europe, le Moyen-Orient et l’Afrique. Pour bénéficier de l’assistance Star du stade de prévente à l’intégration des systèmes d’impression, aux pilotes d’impression et aux SDK (kits de développement logiciel) et de bien plus encore, contactez nous.

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