Coupon Marketing Tool

Star’s revolutionary new printer has taken customer motivation to new heights with this free-of-charge value-added software, which will work alongside your current system. The new Coupon Marketing Tool from Star will enable the automatic printing of coupons based on the retailer’s pre-decided products or purchase values relevant to that transaction.

Seasonal fluctuations, overstock situations can all be addressed by the retailer determining certain “trigger action” key words. This simple wizard-driven software will “word-search” all receipts to ascertain the automatic output of relevant coupons or graphics.




Ask a Star Expert

The unique TSP100 futurePRNT Series is backed by Star’s experienced support team, recognized throughout the industry for its technical knowledge and integration expertise. Stars multi-product API forms part of Star’s iOS, Android, Windows and Linux based SDKs, valued by software houses for simpler integration of platform-specific applications.  Visit our Global Support Site to download TSP100 drivers, SDKs,  and for information about printer and software set-up and integration or please contact one of our experts for more information.

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