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Energy Star


Star has endeavoured to build the TSP100ECO futurePRNT printer with every ECO advantage. It is a well-known fact that printers permanently left powered-on waste power. However, it is not so well known that most of the CO2 damage caused by any POS printer is actually due to the paper consumed. Star has therefore researched and put in place unique paper saving features that could help the retailer use up to 70% less receipt paper. This not only reduces paper costs by up to 70% but also means less frequent paper roll changes at the checkout and lower transportation and logistics costs – basically a win-win situation for the planet and the retailer.

TSP100ECO Power Management

The TSP100ECO has been designed to correspond directly to the PC it has been attached to.  The printer will only activate when the PC / terminal is powered up otherwise it can remain in standby mode, thus saving power.

Most POS printers spend the major part of a day drawing current, but not printing.  Star’s new power efficient method means the printer will revert with the PC to a very low powered standby mode when not in use, “instantly” waking up when needed saving costs and power usage.  The TSP100ECO is fully Energy Star compliant.

Basic CMYK

TSP100ECO Paper Saving Tools

Unique Partial Cut 3mm Default Top Margin

Star’s innovative engineering expertise has resulted in the TSP100 ECO being the only partial cut printer able to achieve a 3mm Top Margin, saving 8mm of paper for every receipt printed. Retailers should check this very carefully when comparing  POS printers.


80 – 58mm Auto Reduction without changing original POS Software

The TSP100 ECO can automatically reduce receipts from an 80mm wide format to 58mm without changing the customer’s original software set-up. Simply tick the required paper reduction in the TSP100ECO futurePRNT software and you can choose whether to reduce the receipt vertically to 50% or horizontally to 72.5% or both.

Receipts On Demand Printing

Once again Star has used the clever futurePRNT software to produce an Operator Prompt to ask the customer whether they need a receipt or not. The receipt can then be either cancelled or printed, perfect for low cost, consumable items such as newspapers, fast food etc. as the receipts are often left behind. All cancelled receipts can be saved graphically and be reviewed or reprinted. (Note: Not all countries will allow this feature so the software may be modified on a regional basis).


Ask a Star Expert

The unique TSP100 futurePRNT Series is backed by Star’s experienced support team, recognized throughout the industry for its technical knowledge and integration expertise. Stars multi-product API forms part of Star’s iOS, Android, Windows and Linux based SDKs, valued by software houses for simpler integration of platform-specific applications.  Visit our Global Support Site to download TSP100 drivers, SDKs,  and for information about printer and software set-up and integration or please contact one of our experts for more information.

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