Receipt Redesign Tool

Literally re-design your receipt without changing your software or becoming an IT expert. Crop out embedded text and images, add new profit-making messages and graphics.

This revolutionary new tool has been designed to work completely independently from the current POS software and will allow any user to literally re-design their receipts without changing their software.

Legacy software can have embedded text and graphics which you may have always wanted to change. Now you can, with the new Receipt Cropping Facility which will crop unwanted sections, thus creating space for new graphics and text. The unique Star Selectable Pre-view Feature will make this task even easier. Perhaps the most important element will be the Font Replacement Tool making the printer’s resident fonts no longer relevant. This, along with the other tools mentioned, will be available from the printer’s properties page and, when selected, will replace any non TrueType fonts featured on the receipt with a more attractive / effective font – all without affecting the speed of the printer.

Ask a Star Expert

The unique TSP100 futurePRNT Series is backed by Star’s experienced support team, recognized throughout the industry for its technical knowledge and integration expertise. Stars multi-product API forms part of Star’s iOS, Android, Windows and Linux based SDKs, valued by software houses for simpler integration of platform-specific applications.  Visit our Global Support Site to download TSP100 drivers, SDKs,  and for information about printer and software set-up and integration or please contact one of our experts for more information.

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